Why is Physical Education Important?

    • Helps strengthen skeletal muscles

    • Contributes to cardiovascular health

    • Contributes to the prevention of obesity

    • Exercise stimulates the brain and improves learning capacity

    • Promotes life-long wellness


    1. Students are expected to act in an appropriate and responsible manner, which will contribute to a positive learning environment. This includes

    - Displaying good sportsmanship

    - Showing respect for classmates, faculty and equipment at all times

    - Having an open mind to trying new activities and meeting new people

    All students will be expected to demonstrate Vanden’s four Core Values:

      i. Have SELF CONTROL

    ii. OWN Their Actions

    iii. SHOW UP on time

    iv. BUILD strong relationships

    1. Be on time to their assigned number/roll call area.

    2. All students will be expected to dress out in un-altered Vanden PE uniform, tennis shoes and socks. 

    Students must write first and last names on their uniforms. 

    Sweatpants and sweatshirts are optional but must be worn over your PE uniform and with First and Last name on them.

    Clothes that the student came to school in are not allowed in PE.

    Possible Consequences:

      i. First violation: warning and point deduction

    ii. Second violation: department lunch detention and point deduction

    iii. Third violation: school detention and phone call home and point deduction

      4.    All students will participate in all activities on a daily basis to the best of their abilities, including exercises, runs, and activities. 

    Students will be responsible for making up any and all missed classes, including excused absence and missed classes pertaining to medical reasons.

    To make up an absence, the student must complete a ½ mile timed run or a written assignment. If a student misses a run day, they must make it up with a run not a written assignment. 

    Medical excuses must have a doctor’s note stating injury, limitations, have a starting and ending date and include accommodations. 

    1st semester run times will be

    Mile:  Girls 12min    Boys 11min30secs

    Loop: Girls 9min30secs Boys 9min

     5.     The Vanden tardy policy will be enforced. Students must be inside their respective front door prior to the bell. They must also be dressed in their PE uniform within 5 minutes of tardy bell and seated in the gym.

    6.      Students will not bring food, drink, or gum into the locker room, gym, or class. Students may bring water bottles as long as they do not become a distraction.

    7.      **Cell Phones, Headphones, Video Games – ALL electronic devices – MUST be put in their backpack before entering the front doors to the locker room. Absolutely NO electronic devices are allowed out in the locker room** 

    Students must provide their own combination lock (no key locks) and register it with their instructor. Backpacks and all personal items, including cell phones, headphones and other technology must be kept locked at all times. Lockers may not be shared.  Students who do not comply will receive a detention or referred to the administration. 

    8.      Students who fail to participate fully in PE will not be allowed to participate in any extracurricular activities they may be involved in that day per their student athlete contract. Coaches/teachers will be notified.