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    Travis Unified School District encourages community members and parents to share their time, knowledge and ability by volunteering in our schools. Volunteers are needed in every school in the Travis Unified School District, from elementary to high school.  Educators value the time and special talents of volunteers and welcome them into the classrooms.  If you have a special talent, career or knowledge that you would like to showcase with students and teachers, your experience and expertise are welcome at the Travis Unified School District. 

    If you think you would be interested, please click below to submit your application.

    Volunteer forms are completed every school year so that we have updated information, including your personal contact information, hours/days available and areas of interest for volunteering.  If you have previously fingerprinted for Travis USD, you will not need to repeat as long as you remain a volunteer.

    For more information please take a look at some of the frequently asked questions (FAQ), read our Volunteer Guide, or contact the school where you would like to volunteer.

    **Once the online application has been completed, all volunteers need to complete the appropriate forms to proceed with screening.**
    Screening Procedures
    Level B screening: For individuals working under the direct supervision of a certificated staff member at all times:
         1.   The volunteer completes the online application and gives consent for background clearance to a local law enforcement agency or Department of Justice to clear your name against the list of registered sex offenders.
         2.   Completes the Worker's Compensation and volunteer guideline under forms and turn them in at the school site where you will be volunteering. 
    Level C & D screening:  Individuals doing volunteer activity that is not supervised requires fingerprinting (LiveScan form), such as:
    1. The volunteer completes the paperwork necessary for fingerprinting (Livescan form) and completes the fingerprint process.
    2. Complete the Workers' Compensation and volunteer guideline forms and turn them in at the school site volunteering at.
    3. Fill out the Driver Certification Form,  and turn it into your school site for approval.
    1. Complete paid Coaching Application and return to the District Office (new HR requirement effective 6/11/13)
    2. The volunteer completes the paperwork necessary for fingerprinting (LiveScan form) and completes the fingerprint process.
    3. Provide proof of a negative tuberculosis test (TB) test within the past 4 years.
    4. Complete CPR and First Aid certification.
    We hope you recognize this process as our way of keeping children safe. On behalf of Travis USD and our schools, we thank you!