Answers to questions for RFP 22009:

    1. Please provide a copy of each school’s meal claims for the 2019-20 school year by school for September, October and November.
      1. September
      2. October
      3. November
    2. Please provide a la carte and adult sales for each school for September, October, and November 2019.
      1. September
      2. October
      3. November
    3. What equivalency factor should all bidders use to convert adult and a la carte sales to billable meals (i.e. 11,170 meals from Exhibit B)
      1. 1:1
    1. Can you provide enrollment for each school? Please use link below
      1. https://districtenrollment.travisusd.org/
    2. Does Travis Unified School District offer a Summer Feeding Program?  If so, can you provide your summer claims from 2019?
      1. No
    3. Can you please provide your foodservice budget for the last three years if available and share the district’s profit/loss over the last 3 years.
      1. Budget 2018-19
      2. Budget 2019-20
      3. Budget 2020-21
    4. Please provide a copy of your 2021-22 commodity allocation and what foods were ordered including DOD, Brown Box and (NOI) Pounds allocated for processing
      1. 2021 Commodities
    5. Please give a brief explanation of how breakfast is served in each school. For instance, where the students receive the meal and eat the meal and is there dedicated time for students to eat breakfast in the morning.  
      1. Cafeterias are open 30 min before the bell. The students receive the meal traditional cafeteria-style. No second chance breakfast.
    6. Do any of your buildings have an open campus policy?  If so, please explain.
      1. No open campus
    7. What days are you looking for the consultant to be on site?
      1. 24 hours per week, days varying depending on scheduled events.



    RFP 2016-17-003