• Kids with the words "Let's Get Ready for Kindergarten"



  • Here are some fun books about colors:

    • Freight Train
    • A Color of His Own
    • Mouse Paint
    • Kitten:  Red, Yellow, Blue
    • Planting a Rainbow
    • Dog’s Colorful Day
    • Lemons are NOT Red
    • Bear Sees Colors
    • How Do Dinosaurs Learn Their Colors?
    • Blue Hat, Green Hat
    • Black Bird, Yellow Sun
    • Color Dance
    • Green
    • I Love Colors
    • Mix It Up!

    Rainbow circle

  • Here are some of our favorite shape books:

    • Sea Shapes
    • City Shapes
    • Mouse Shapes
    • Shape by Shape
    • Ship Shapes
    • The Shape of Things
    • Skippyjon Jones Shape Up
    • The Greedy Triangle
    • Color Zoo
    • Color Farm
    • My Very First Book of Shapes
    • Not a Box
    • Brown Rabbit’s Shapes

     Colorful shapes with smiley faces


  • Here are some books you may like to check out to help with numbers!

    • How Do Dinosaurs Count to 10?
    • Click, Clack, Splish, Splash
    • Olivia Counts
    • Chicka Chicka 123
    • 100 Hungry Ants
    • The Very Hungry Caterpillar
    • Fish Eyes
    • Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons
    • 5 Little Ducks
    • Ten Apples Up on Top

    Rainbow Numbers 0-9

  • In addition to growing our brain muscles, Kindergarten is a big time for building the fine and gross motor skills we call our "little muscles and big muscles."  Our little  muscles help us open packages at lunch, hold a pencil for writing, and tie our shoes. Our big muscles help our coordination and ability to play. Meet some more of our Kindergarten Teachers as they help us flex all of our muscles! 

    Gross & Fine Motor Skills Lists

    Here is a printable list of ideas on how to work with your child on developing all their muscles!

    Activities worksheet for developing muscles


    One of our favorite sites is GoNoodle for helping get kiddos up, moving and working those muscles!

    There is an app available but you can also go to youtube.com to subscribe to their channel. 

    Here's one to get you started! → "Get up and dance with "Banana, Banana, Meatball"

    We also love these channels: Indoor Recess, Zumba Kids, Empower Tools, The Champiverse for rainy days when you can't get outside to run, jump, and play!

    The word READ

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