• All Hardback Textbooks, Language Arts Novels and Library books need to be returned at the end of the school year. Students are responsible for turning in the book that was checked out to them. Some of the replacement costs for textbooks are listed below:
    Algebra I Textbook: $102.50
    Accelerated Math: $76.68
    Spanish I: $95.00 
    American History {Ca} 8: $87.47
    Medieval and Early Modern Times {Ca} 7 - $87.47
    If a book is lost, the replacement cost of the book is expected. Purchasing a replacement copy is also acceptable under the following conditions: The book is in as good condition or better than the one checked out AND it is the exact ISBN# of the book. Most textbooks must be the California version. Please contact the school BEFORE purchasing a replacement copy. If the original was a hardcover book, paperback replacements are not acceptable. If the book is damaged, please see the table below for the policy. 


    The Governing Board recognizes that instructional materials are an expensive resource and that each student is entitled to sufficient instructional materials in accordance with law. Instructional materials provided for use by students remain the property of the district. Students are responsible for returning borrowed materials in good condition, with no more wear and tear than usually results from normal use. Board Policy: 

    Damage To &/or Missing: 

    Description of Damage or Missing Item: 

    Assessment – 

    1. Page: 

    marks, writing, torn, or missing (minor) 

    $1.00 per Page 

    2. Page: 

    Liquid/Water Damage:  


    3. Barcode: 

    missing or damaged 

    $5.00 to replace 

    4. Edge: 

    marks or writing 


    5. Cover: 

    marks, writing, scratches 


    6. Corners: 



    6. Cover: 

    bent, torn, or missing 

    $30.00 cost for rebinding 

    7. Lost: 


    Replacement Cost of text  

    8. Unusable: 

    Replacement Cost of text  

    Stained, mildewed, burned, or destroyed – damaged beyond use; 

    9. Lost/Found 

    lost and paid, found and returned usable 

    Full refund with receipt within one year 

    1312.2- Complaints Concerning Instructional Materials), (cf.1312.4- Williams Uniform Complaint Procedures), (cf.3260- Fees and Charges), (cf.6161.1- Selection and Evaluation of Instructional Materials) 
    When materials are lost or so damaged that they are no longer usable, the student shall be immediately issued a replacement material. However, students or parents/guardians shall be responsible for reparation equal to the current replacement cost of the materials. When materials are damaged but still usable, the Superintendent or designee shall determine an appropriate charge.
    If it can be demonstrated to the Superintendent or designee's satisfaction that the student has taken all reasonable precautions to safeguard instructional materials issued to him/her, the Superintendent or designee may excuse the student or parent/guardian from payment of reparation. 
    If reparation is not excused and not paid by the student or parent/guardian, the district may withhold the student's grades, diploma and transcripts in accordance with law, Board policy, and administrative regulation. 


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