• Hey everyone,

    Keep checking back for assignments.




    Read the books you checked out of the library.

    Don't forget your Tangerine Mini research paper

    Read your Tangerine Novel. We will review when we return. Be done with part 2 by next Friday.

    20 Meaningful Compound/ Complex Sentences #24- don't forget to label. Due to the circumstances, don't worry about the key cards. The sentences will be once again 20 points instead of 25. When we get back to school officially, we will do our new sentences. Still practice labeling, so you don't forget your skills.

    If you can please start sharing work through Office 365. You can also take pictures and scan them to me. I can enter the grades in Aeries as I get them.

    Be safe and be well,

     Mrs. Yung:)

    *If you never received a Tangerine Mini Research paper due to absence, I posted a digital copy on my webpage under Tangerine Mini research project.  I am doing this from memory. If I forgot a topic, please email me so I can fix it.