Hey period 1 and 3,

    Here are your two week assignments: (3 assignments total) Only one new and two continuing assignments

    1. Rudy Francisco Packet

    we started draft #2 of Rudy Francisco Honest Poem- full detailed about two minutes at least for presentation

    type final draft in MLA

    3 papers total=rough draft, hand written full draft, and final full draft


    2. Finish Acrostic Name Poem#1 and Acrostic Name Free Verse Poem #2


    3. Write a poem:
    spoken word, free verse, rhyming poem, or rap about how when we don't help each other we cause a decay in society.
    Please do at least 20 lines
    Remember to be insightful, intelligent use impact and emotion.

    Don't forget Clint Smith:
    Read critically
    Write consciously
    Speak clearly
    Tell your truth

    I look forward to seeing your amazing powerful work. Please have everything ready when you come back so we can begin our presentations.

    Knowledge Speaks, Wisdom Listens -Jimi Hendrix