• Extra Credit Opportunity: Papa’s Parrot 20 points only if top quality 


    1. Make a graphic organizer like you did for To Sleep Under the Stars. Don’t forget what goes in each paragraph. 
    2. Write a rough draft of the essay using the prompt instructions 
    3. Type a final draft essay in MLA format complete with all Response to Literature requirements. 
    4. All three papers together. Due Monday 3/9/20 

    Prompt: Show how the theme relates to the short story, Papa’s Parrot by Cynthia RylantBe sure to include the elements of Response to Literature. Support your ideas with examples and/ or evidence from the text. 

    Your writing will be scored on how well you write an essay that: 

    • Shows your understanding of the author’s message and your insight into the characters and ideas presented in the story. 
    • Is organized around several clear ideas and/ or images from the story 
    • Justifies your interpretation by giving examples and citing evidence from the text.