• Springboard assignments and due dates per quarter

    Quarter 1 The pages that we have worked on in class for unit 1 that should now be complete are:



    The Scholarship Jacket

    14-17-mark up text and annotate


    Bad Boy 

    20-24-mark up text and annotate

    pg. 25 Chart #6


    pg.31 Chart #3

    Why Couldn't I have been Named Ashley


    32-33-mark up text and annotate

    34-36 #1-5 (Picture 3)

    pg. 38 Chart



    p.46-53-mark up text and annotate (up to p.48 in class)


     Quarter 2

    How are Teens Spending Money? Article instead of 84-85

    Mark up text and Annotate

    Second read Questions #1-5



    Due date is approaching after November break

    Due: December 3, 2109

    Whats in the packet and how to turn it in:

    all the pages listed, stapled with name on each paper. make sure they are in the proper order. due at the beginning of class.

    50 points total for quarter 1 and 2 activites