• First do Writing Sprint # for Alone 

    Writing sprint #? Alone 

    What does it feel like or what do you think of when you think of the word alone. 

    Space Oddity- Bowie 

    Phase 1 

    Listen to the lyrics, write them down. It is okay if you get it wrong but be logical. 



    Phase 2  

    3 pieces of textual evidence that shows the theme of alone 

    Write down the exact quote and stanza # and author's last name-Bowie 


    1. I'm stepping through the door  

    and I am floating in the most peculiar way–stanza 4 (Bowie) 



    Phase 3 

    Explain in your own words 3-5 sentences relating to the theme Alone 

    Do not just translate the song, but explain how it relates to alone (theme). Underline words that represent alone 






    1.  stepping through the door...he is entering uncharted territory, just him no one else is here. He is floating or drifting around by himselfNo one is here to grab him and pull him down to our world. He is on his own.