• Composition Notebook Assignment 

    Purpose: to create a special notebook that means something. Kids tend to take more pride in something that is meaningful. The idea is since we are using this for writing and writing is very personal, this notebook becomes more like a journal. This book will be brought daily to class as a required material even before the due date.  We are starting our writing September 18. 

    Directions for decorating ELA Composition Notebook for full credit. 

    Each student received one composition notebook from Mrs. Yung. After showing many different demos of former books (including three from the teacher), the student will cover both sides of the notebook entirely. There should not be any of the original cover showing. The covers must be middle school appropriate. The cover pictures do not have to be in color. All pictures must be taped down with clear packing tape.  If you don’t have any, Mrs. Yung can meet with you in the morning before school or afterschool.  She can help on every day except the due date.  No packing tape will be available on the due date. So plan ahead! 

    Ideas for materials: 

    • Magazine cut outs 
    • Pictures of friends and family 
    • Stickers 
    • Contact paper 
    • Duct tape 
    • Hand drawings 
    • Newspaper clippings 
    • Or any other creative appropriate way 

    It needs to look like time and effort was used. 

    Assigned September 17 

    Due: September 27