• Instructions for Two Kinds Essay P.29 #5 most has been done in class 

    Write a five-paragraph essay using the shared traits of the main characters: stubborn, selfish and determined. 

    Explain how these shared traits contribute to their conflict. Make sure you state your thesis (prompt question) use Graphic Organizer #1,

    state your first claim, explain, and provide textual evidence with text citation (page number and authors last name), 

    your second claim explain, and provide textual evidence with text citation (page number and authors last name) 

    and third claim explain, and provide textual evidence with text citation (page number and authors last name), for each claim use p.29 #4 chart

    provide a closing to your essay  use Graphic Organizer #2 restating your thesis and look to the future. Use the charts done in class to help you. 

    essay due on Monday 9/23 

    How to type: 

    Use MLA format: ex: 12 font, double space, and Times New Roman for proper format. Don't forget proper heading and last name and page number using insert and page number top right corner. Use the MLA format in your 365 portal under Word in your Launch pad 

    What is in the packet: 

    Chart p.29 #4 

    rough draft of essay- done in class 

    typed formal essay 

    directions for packet: 

    Staple to chart p.29 #4-this was done entirely in class with partners. Chart will be on top followed by rough draft which starts on the back of chart #4 and essay on bottom. 


    Example of a sentence to start off the introductory paragraph: 

    In the selection Two Kinds by Amy Tan, she shows how the three shared traits that the two main characters mother and daughter have in common lead to friction throughout the story. Since the traits they share stubborn, selfish and determined are negative, the two characters constantly clash with their viewpoints.