• Notes on Meaningful Sentences 


    Title: 20 Meaningful Sentences #      -due date

    (It will always be 20 unless it is a review unit, then you do as many as you missed)  


    1. Show me you know the definition (meaning) of each spelling word. . (do not write the definition from the dictionary or study guide) Remember: Flagginnoggin
    2. At least 7 or more words per sentence in order of study guide
    3. One spelling word per sentence and skip lines between sentences
    4. Use parts of speech- adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, conjuctions, etc...(do not have to use all at once)
    5.  Identify word by underlining or highlighting (highlighting is preferred) You may also type your paper using 12 font size, Times New Roman, and Double Spacing

    *you may add suffixes and prefixes as long as it does not change the original spelling of the word. ex: effect=ineffective.  You may not change the endings  such as ed to ing...

    Ex 1: Relief- I felt great flagginnoggin to see an A on my test, since I studied so hard for a week.

    Ex 2: Genuine-Alfredo showed he was a very flagginnoggin person because he never lied to anyone.


    Remember: Think flagginnoggin

    Remember: Think flagginnoggin
    flagginnoggin (FLAW-gin-naw-gin)- A meaningless word; The "variable" of writing. Antonyms- All words; Synonyms-All words☺
    Submitted and created by a student in Mrs. Yung's class 2016-2017