• Assigned on 8/19/19


    A letter to Mrs. Yung 

    Write a letter to Mrs. Yung. In your letter please include: 

    1st paragraph- 

    An introduction of who you are state your likes/dislikes and details about yourself. You can include fun facts like special skills and what you enjoy.   


    2nd paragraph-  

    State your expectations of this class. What do you hope to learn and the performance/effort you are willing to do?  State any concerns you might have. State what helps you learn? How do you learn best? Share some strengths and weaknesses you have in English. 


    3rd paragraph- 

    Tell Mrs. Yung how you are going to reach your expectations of this class and your efforts. What will you do/ Ex: study frequently, make flash cards, take quality notes, etc... 


    4th paragraph-  

    Close your letter.  Wrap up your ideas. Include a fun fact about yourself. 


    Work done in class:

    Students had a chance to brainstorm for 15 minutes what they wanted in each paragraph

    Then we wrote for 20 minutes the first draft on lined paper.

    Then they turn the rough draft into a final product following:


    This essay will be typed in MLA format (went over in class)

    Use your notes from class that you wrote.

    MLA word document is on Office 365 Portal.

    This is due August 26,2019

    Points are TBA

    Do your best!