• Theme Notes- response to Literature-(RTL) 




    What message is the author trying to *convey to you? 

    Most of the time it is in the first paragraph-sometimes the last sentence of the first paragraph) 

    This is your claim 


    Short summary 

    Tell in your own words what the story was about/ *paraphrase 

    Only include details that point to the theme 


    Reminder-use transition words and phrases 




    Use evidence from the story to support your ideas 

    How the characters feel- then support your ideas. 

    This is your explanation and evidence 

    Don't forget Symbolism- literal and figuartive meaning


    Restate the theme 


    *elaborate-continue on your thoughts with more detail...look to the future 

    Moral of the story- how to apply to your life. 

    This is your closing 


    Theme notes continued- Response to Literature (RTL) 

    More depth 


    • Support interpretation with textual evidence and examples 
    • Rely on examples from work to support your interpretations 
    • Refer to : specific scenes, characters, images, and actions 
    • Create an in-depth character analysis 
    • Use quotes and examples 
    • Use Symbolism
    • Justify your interpretations with quotations from the text 
    • Tie every sentence in you draft (essay) to the literature (every paragraph in an essay) 


    • Conclude with insight (look to the future) 
    • Means to see and understand deeply 

    Self check 

    • Ask yourself “do my details fit with my other details in my essay?”