Anti-Japanese Propaganda

  • The United States Government began a huge Anti-Propaganda campaign to increase the war's popularity.  They used all forms of media, pictures, movies, and radio, and even comic books.


  • Propaganda Image #1

    Action Comics, a privately owned and run comic book, portrayed Japanese as evil.  This type of propaganda was aimed at children.

  • Propaganda Image #2

    Anti-Japanese Sentiment rose to a fever pitch as the atrocities of the Japanese Army became publicly known.

  • Propaganda Image #3

    Public Safety Announcements utilized wartime anti-Japanese sentiments to relay safety messages.  Do the elongated and misshapen teeth of the Japanese man portrayed make him seem non-human? 


  • Propaganda Item #4

    Watch this LAST, as it's a video.


    Superman was widely used by the War Department, mainly because he fought for, "Truth, Justice, and the American Way."

    -How does this video help to create fear about Japanese Spies and Saboteurs?

    -How does the large airplane bomber try to inspire patriotism and create a sense of American superiority in the viewers?

    -Remember the viewers are children, this is a cartoon after all!

  • Propaganda Image #5

    Images to raise money like this were common, the Japanese were portrayed as vicious individuals who preyed on innocent Americans.

  • Propaganda Image #6

    The war department used the fear of Japanese invaders to instill good behaviors in children.  Tokyo Kid was widely used to teach children lessons, such as washing their face and getting up early so they are not late for school.