• School-Connected Organizations

    School-Connected Organizations

    Board Policy 1230 - School-Connected Organizations

    The Governing Board recognizes that parents/guardians and community members may wish to organize parent organizations and/or booster clubs for the purpose of supporting district and extracurricular programs, such as athletic teams, debate teams, or musical groups. The Board appreciates the contributions made by such organizations and encourages their interest and participation in supporting district activities and helping to achieve the district's vision for student learning pursuant to district policy. However, students/parents/guardians shall not be required to raise funds in order to participate in school programs and events.

    The Board recognizes that school-connected organizations are separate legal entities, independent of the district. The district's tax exempt status and federal identification number are not for use by school-connected organizations.

    In order to help the Board fulfill its legal and fiduciary responsibility to manage district operations, any organization that desires to raise money to benefit any district student or program must comply with Board policy and administrative regulation 1230.

    Only organizations that apply for and receive recognition by the district as "school-connected organizations" may use the logo and/or name of the district and/or a district school to raise money to benefit any district student or program.

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