• Directions for Final presentation-78 points possible 

    Due date- May 24

    3 components: 


    1. Story based on subject ode-30 points 

    Story will be typed in class using MLA format and then finished at home. Use your time wisely in class. 


    2. Ballad-30 points

    based on story at least 20 quatrains and a complete story in ballad form

    If you are at 20 quatrains and are not done with telling the story, you must continue until your story is complete. Ballad will be typed in MLA format and typed in class and finished at home. Use your time wisely in class. 


    3. Oral Presentation-18 points week of May 24-May 31

    Based on 6 oral devices for 3 points. You will present your ballad to the class using the correct oral devices. 

    Volume, rate, pitchinflection, tone, beat and meter. A card will be given on Friday 5/17 with requirements.


    Mrs. Yung's availibility for typing outside of classtime:

    Most days afterschool and a prearranged lunch time.

    Staple the story on top of the ballad. Turn in May 24