• Teacher Essay Notes 2018


    Rough Draft 1A –Graphic Organizer and Quick Write #1


    positive attitude, passionate, sense of humor, motivational/ inspirational, encouraging/ challenges, patience, teach at a good pace/extra time, firm but fair, discipline/ stern, allows me to be responsible/ held accountable for choices and actions, intelligent on subject matter/ educated, offers security/ safe environment, shows kindness/ compassion, understanding/ sympathy/ empathy, listens to me/ attentive to my needs, trustworthy/ reliable, relatable, resourceful, *organized (teacher example), prepared, task-oriented, focused, flexibility, forgiving/doesn't hold grudges, confidence, determination, equality/ open-minded, no favoritism, professional, hands on activities, creative/artistic/imaginative, fun/entertaining assignments/ varied teaching, energetic, supportive/helpful

    Autobiographical Incident-I,me,my,mine


    Rough Draft 1B- 5-7 topics/ claim/incident

              *Why they are important: to be a successful student explanation/response

                1. Why is this trait important to you? explanation/ response

                2. How does this trait help you to be a successful student?closing

    Ex: 1. Organized

    1.-       a)The teacher won't lose my papers/ tests/ projects and make me do them over again [or a zero/red square]

             b)  -Waste of learning time for me when the teacher is not organized [lose trust in the abilities of the teacher] I learn more, use time wisely, be organized like them.

             c) -Teacher is a positive role model, therefore I can be better organized. Ex: set up binder- dividers, spiral notebook, etc... 

             d) -  A clean classroom keeps me calm ( can use the quote here instead) "A cluttered desk/backpack/Binder=a cluttered mind"

             e)- The teacher won't mess up my scheduling and planning

             f)- When not organized, incomplete tasks leads me to unfinished lessons. (Teach the wrong lesson)

             g) -The teacher won't mix up the grades in the gradebook/ Aeries


    -Create word family: clean, neat, tidy, calm, smooth, found, positive, role-model, on task, on schedule, stress-free, learning, benefit, up-to-date, aware, trust, balanced, safe, secure, up-to-date


     closing to the claim

    2. This topic helps me be successful by learning from the positive traits the teacher displays with organization. It will help me be more organized in the future. Ex: high school, college, job, career, family, life.


    Order of Preference (1 is the most important)








    1. put 1st trait here (a-g #1)- at least to d 

    Rough Draft 1C/ Part 1- personal experiences evidence/ response pronounsI,Me,My, Mine

    (2-3 personal experiences- positive or *negative) *use proactive language


    Ex: 1. Organized 

    - Mrs. Yung- positive +

        - -displays time management/ doesn't waste time/ plans ahead/ creates transition [segue] without interruption/ on task

        -clean orderly classroom-labeled boxes, space for everything, neat desk - "A cluttered desk/ backpack/ binder= a cluttered mind"- Mrs. Yung

        - gradebook updated/backup gradebook/ no loss of assignments - gradebook updated plus back-up system " No black hole in the classroom" -Mrs. Yung

        - Gives hints on how to organize my binders. Ex: divider, folders, have enough room, webpage...

        -negative marks are present on the board

         - agenda binder/ agenda is present/ specific order/ class secretary  regular planner writing

         - Requires proper headings on all papers/ pass up by rows/clipped at end and rubber-banded

          -assign clean up duty/ book duty for classroom

    1.                                                    (put your #1 trait here) [+/-] Teacher's name - 2 different teachers and experiences per trait.

    Teacher's name-

    Rough Draft1C/Part 2- evidence/response

     *How does this experience affect me? Initial reaction (happened right away) 

    *How has these experiences helped shape who I am today? hindsight (happened after reaction/reflection) (What was the original intention?)

    Is it a positive outcome or negative?

    1. end result **

    2. end result **

    3. end result **

    Is it a positive outcome or negative?

    End result can be combined if two experiences have the same outcome.

    If it is a different outcome, you should not combine.

    1.                                                     (put your first trait here)

    teacher experience-end result **

    teacher experience-end result **

    teacher experience-end result **


    Rough Draft 1D-

    Introduction (hook/entice/draw in/lure your reader/ grab the attention of the reader) and

    Conclusion/ Closing/ Reflection (satisfies your reader-dark chocolate!) Remember you can hook an audience with action, reaction, and/or dialogue

    1. Basic (hamburger/ pepperoni pizza) $- Very straightforward

    1I Great teachers have important qualities. Some qualities that make a teacher great are…

    1C These are qualities that I think make a great teacher. All of these qualities are important to me because…(ice-cream)

    2. Refined (steak and lobster) $$$$

    2I Having a teacher that a student thinks is great could really have a positive impact on the student’s education. In order to be a great teacher, you must do or have these qualities:

    2C To be a great teacher you must obtain these qualities…All these examples lead to one notion- a great teacher. (soufflé)

    3. Friendly/ Approachable (chips and salsa) $$-$$$$

    3I The qualities that make a teacher great are really just five main keys.

    3C Those are, in my opinion, the five keys that help out [for] me. (banana spilt)

    Create examples of each set: Don't forget to identify key words and phrases to match the writing style

    Basic I-1-2 sentences

    C-1-2 sentences

    Refined I-1-2 sentences

    C-1-2 sentences


    I-1-2 sentences

    C-1-2 sentences

    After #3

    Full Introduction 4-7 sentences

    Full Conclusion 4-7 sentences

    *Write whatever writing style you choose-the one that feels natural to you. Make sure you stay consistent throughout the essay. 

    *Remember: Refined and Friendly/ Approachable may use allegories, analogies, metaphors. Basic will not.

    *Keep in mind that a conclusion will allow the reader to know what you learned from this experience and why it matters to you.


    Rough Draft 1E☺-put A-D together in an organized form. Construct/build your essay.




    1st trait #1 (claim) each claim is about 3-4 paragraphs

      Introduce your trait

      1B (#1) (little)-roughly one paragraph

      1C (both parts 1&2)-roughly 2-3 paragraphs

      1B (#2) closing-roughly a few sentences- 1 paragraph


    2nd trait #2 (claim) each claim is about 3-4 paragraphs

     Introduce your trait

      1B (#1) (little)

      1C (both parts 1&2)

      1B (#2) closing


      3rd trait #3 (claim) each claim is about 3-4 paragraphs

     Introduce your trait

      1B (#1) (little)

      1C (both parts 1&2)

      1B (#2) closing


    4th trait #4 (claim) each claim is about 3-4 paragraphs

     Introduce your trait

      1B (#1) (little)

      1C (both parts 1&2)

      1B (#2) closing


    5th trait #5 (claim) each claim is about 3-4 paragraphs

     Introduce your trait

      1B (#1) (little)

      1C (both parts 1&2)

      1B (#2) closing



    (After last trait)

    1D- Conclusion-dark chocolate! You did it☺

    Notes on Rough Draft 2A
    Rough Draft 2A Turn Rough Draft 1E- completed into 2A by typing it following the word processing notes in MLA format.
    *tip- treat this as your final product.
    Title: What Qualities Make a Teacher great/ Rough Draft 2A

    Notes on Rough Draft 2B

    2A into 2B

    Turn Rough Draft 2A completed into 2B by typing it following the word processing [MLA Format] notes. Use the MLA Format layout instead of a blank document. The document will be saved as Teacher Essay  last name (your last name)  2B

    Ex: Teacher Essay Yung 2B. 

    Copy and paste 2A into a new document MLA Format. Control A to Control C to new document Control V. You should have 2 documents.


    Take the feedback under advisement and reflect if you agree. Improve your essay based on the revisions suggested to you. Remember: you don't have to follow the editor's advice; however, make sure you follow my (Mrs. Yung) expectations based on your notes. Your reader/editor is the filter before me (Mrs. Yung).

    Tip- Treat this as a final product!

    Title: What Qualities Make a Teacher Great?:Rough Draft 2B

    Notes for: Final Draft-turning 2B into Final Draft


    Title: "What Qualities Make a Teacher Great?" [or something more creative]

    use copy and paste notes from 2B to turn into final document


              -Type you essay in a FORMAL style [MLA] using the feedback and critique from your editors (2A and 2B). [ and of course, your class notes].

    Make sure you use correct format [MLA] from word processing notes.

            use your essay checklist  - use it as a writer              


            -You may change ideas as you see fit, but not TRAITS!

    Tip- This IS your FINAL product! ☺due 12/20

    Here are Rough Draft 2A Edit instructions:


    EDIT Rough Draft 2A- 10 Points! [First reader]

    -sign up for paper E/B ___________ 2A Editor

     5 points

    1. Identify writing style: Basic, Refined, Friendly

    highlight words or phrases that identify the style (just a few, not the whole thing)

    -Identify Thesis – highlight (must be in first/introductory paragraph)

    *-go through each paragraph (using your notes/packet) and

    make sure ALL content is present ( BIG ITEMS)

    -add what needs to be there

    ex: How does this affect you? IC part 2




    2. Commentary [positive sandwich]- 5 points


    1 paragraph- What you liked about the writing and essay

    Ex: vocabulary, ideas, writing style, experiences, hooked you in, left you satisfied, etc…


    2. *Meat portion (longest and most in-depth)- Constructive/ critical feedback

    What the writer can improve. Suggestions, recommendations…

    Big Items [Engine!]


    3. positive comment- ex: Keep it up!, Keep trying, etc…


    Commentary is about ½ page to one page


    Here is the Rough Draft Edit 2B instructions-10 points

    sign up for paper E/B                                  2B editor/ 1st Reader

     5pts A-D

    1* A) -Review each paragraph and evaluate sentence variety + transitional words and phrases.

    highlight a few examples of examples of transitions

    -See what you can make longer or shorter - can you combine ideas?

    - Also sentence type variety ex; ?,!,.and compond/complex sentences

    highlight 2-3 compond and complex sentences


    B) Proofread and edit their work

           This includes...



           -Dead words(make suggestions for better words)

           (use spelling and vocabulary study guides cautiously)

           -Sentence Structure- =run-ons and fragments, etc..."Word Crimes"


    C) Format

           -Use word processing notes to make sure the writer is following MLA standards


    D) Use essay checklist


    2 Commentary- positive sandwich-5 points

      Materials red pen

    multi highlighters

    key-use multi color highlighters for key

    -compound complex sentences

    -transitional words and phrases

    -dead words

    -high level vocab

    red pen =feedback



       top    -What you liked                                                

           -What worked  for you   

    this includes sentence variety and length

    vocab use/ high-level words

    compound and complex sentences sentences, etc...  

    use text from the essay "   "   



      Meat*      constructive feedback                                                                             
            -What you can improve/suggestions                   
            -Critical Feedback                                               
            -Constructive Language 

    sentrence variety and length

    give examples of vocab and compound and complex sentences                                
                                        "   "                                                

         -Positive Comment ex; KEEP GOING!               


    about 1/2 page to 1 page

    2-3 paragraphs- separate them


    Notes for: Final Draft-turning 2B into Final Draft



    Tip- This IS your FINAL product! ☺due 12/20

    Table of Contents    /4


    1) Rough Draft 1A/Quickwrite    /6

    2) Rough Draft 1B   /6

    3) Rough Draft 1C-Part 1  both /6

    4) Rough Draft 1C-Part 2

    5) Rough Draft 1D   /6

    6) Rough Draft 1E    /6

    7) Notes on editing and final draft     /6

    8) Rough Draft 2A    /10

    9) Rough Draft 2B     /10


                                   /60 Total