• Springboard assignments and due dates per quarter

    Quarter 1 The pages that we have worked on in class for unit 1 that should now be complete are:




    18-19 #1-7



    24-25 #1-6



    34-36 #1-5 (Picture 3)

    Due: 10/17


    Quarter 2-The pages that we have worked on in class for unit 2 that should now be complete are:

    P. 84-85 How are Teens Spending Money- annotate supplementary article in leiu of SB original article 


    P. 88-90- Annotate Article using Annotation Guide passed out in class 11/14


    p. 104-105- Annotate article using Annotation Guide and Second Read questions p. 1-4


    p. 112-116 Annotate article using Annotation Guide 


    Quarter 3 with Tangerine Novel

    p. 163 #1,2, and writing prompt

    p.164 #3-chart

    p.165-166-charts 1 and 2

    p.167 #4

    p.168 #1 and 2

    p.169 #3-make five rows for chart

    p.170 #4

    p.172-173 #1 and 2

    p.174-175 #3-4

    p.176-177 #2-4 


    4th QUARTER- continuing Tangerine novel

    p.179 #2

    p.181 #2

    p. 191 #2

    p. 194 #1-3

    p.195 #4

    P.198 #2-4

    p. 200-201 Annotate the poem leave commentary

    p.205 chart must be complete. Three were given by me.


    I will be collecting Springboard pages 200-205.

    Cut on the line so they don't tear and staple the pages together. Put your name on each page. 

    This is 40 points and due 5/20