• Notes on Meaningful Sentences 


    Title: 20 Meaningful Sentences #      -due date

    (It will always be 20 unless it is a review unit, then you do as many as you missed)  


    1. Show me you know the definition (meaning) of each spelling word. . (do not write the definition from the dictionary or study guide) Remember: Flagginnoggin
    2. At least 7 or more words per sentence in order of study guide
    3. One spelling word per sentence and skip lines between sentences
    4. Use parts of speech- adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, conjuctions, etc...(do not have to use all at once)
    5.  Identify word by underlining or highlighting (highlighting is preferred) You may also type your paper using 12 font size, Times New Roman, and Double Spacing

    *you may add suffixes and prefixes as long as it does not change the original spelling of the word. ex: effect=ineffective.  You may not change the endings  such as ed to ing...

    Ex 1: Relief- I felt great flagginnoggin to see an A on my test, since I studied so hard for a week.

    Ex 2: Genuine-Alfredo showed he was a very flagginnoggin person because he never lied to anyone.


    Remember: Think flagginnoggin

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    6.  Use compound and complex sentences  

     compound sentence- (FANBOYS) that contains two independent clauses separated by a conjunction.

    (independent clause- must contain subject and predicate)

    Sit. (you is the subject implied)

    Ex.1. The fierce tornado was a debaclefor most of the buildings were knocked over. (ex. for hw)

    Ex.2. A farmer sat on his porch gazing at his farm, for something caught his eye.

    Ex.3. I need rest, so I will spend a week in the mountains.

    Ex. 4. I can’t quite equate those two theories, so can you explain further? (ex. for hw)

                Ex. 5.  My shirt is green and purple, but my pants are only orange.
    Remember to box out the coordinating conjunction by putting a box around the word. 
    Complex sentence- contains one independent clause and one dependent clause.

    (dependent clause- does not always contain a subject or predicate or has a conjunction at the beginning)

    (Sentences that contain at least one subordinate/ dependent clause)

        Ex: 1.  Although the boy picked up the hurt dog gingerly, he still squealed.

    Ex. 2. Even though the girl was lithe, she could not do a backflip.

    Ex. 3. Since you will be available, I am imploring you to go to my party.

     8.   Identify both the conjunction and the spelling word.
    Key: ( each component will have a different color or mark)
    Spelling word
    Coordinating Conjunction
    Subordinating Conjunction
    Independent Clause
    Dependent Clause
    Compound Sentence 
    Complex Sentence 


    Notes on Meaningful Sentences Con’t.

    (can use with conjuction notes)


       Compound-complex sentence: A compound-complex sentence contains two or more independent clauses (in blue) and one or more dependent clause (in red) The bold words are subordinating conjuctions.


    Ex1: The statue of Liberty was sculpted by Frederic-Auguste Bartholdi; but the internal framework was designed by Alexandre-Gustave Eiffelwho later designed the Eiffel Tower in Paris.


    Ex2: The girthat won the spelling bee stood up and the audience cheered.


    Ex3: Because the lunatics are on the grassthe picnickers have to go home, and the children can’t play football.


    Ex4: I scrubbed the bath so vigorously that my arm was killing me afterwards, but it still wasn’t shining.


    Ex5: As if the store thought they could fool me with this new “discounted” persuasive price; I checked last week and I remembered it was the same.



    Ex6: I was skepticawhen my mom told me where she was going, so I looked through her emails.


    Here are some examples of compound/complex sentences using our new guidelines. There are five colors including underlining 

    Underline-spelling word or flagginoggin 

    Green- Coordinating Conjunction 

    Dark red- Subordinating Conjunction 

    Blue- independent clause 

    Red-dependent clause 

    Impunity-The woman was asking for impunity from the speeding ticket since it was her first offenseyet the police officer repudiated her request

    Conjecture-After I made a flagginoggin about how many jellybeans were in the jarI realized I was off by one hundred and sadly I did not win the prize

    Hone- It would behoove you to study regularly each night inasmuch as it will help hone your brain for the weekly test and you will get a better grade.