Images of novels from the class curriculum - The Giver by Los Lowry, Chains by Laurie Halse, The Diary of Anne Frank

8th Grade Literature and Writing

  • ♦ Chains Vocabulary #1 Quizlet ♦


    Students this year will: 

    • Read novel selections at home, as assigned 
    • Participate in class activities such as readings, discussions, quizzes, projects and tests 
    • Complete writing activities, assignments and essays 
    • Arrange to make-up missed work due to absences as soon as possible! 

    NOTE: All work must be turned in by the assigned date and time. Any work turned in late will not earn credit (unless otherwise noted in an IEP)Students will have two days for the first day absent to make up work and one additional day per day absent. Assignments turned in without a name will not receive credit. 

    Classroom Procedures 

    1. Come to class on time and prepared to learn 
    2. Begin class by writing down the agenda and homework in planner 
    3. Follow directions of the teacher throughout the period 
    4. Work cooperatively in groups and with partners 
    5. Be respectful towards the instructor as well as fellow students 


    1. Verbal warning 
    2. Lunch detention and parent notification 
    3. Referral