• View the Link Crew Program Video here! You can choose to join Link Crew as an extracurricular activity as a Link Leader, or you can also join the Link Crew class if you want to be more involved. 


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    What is Link Crew?

    We are excited to have Link crew at Vanden High School!  The nationwide Link Crew Program is designed to both welcome and support new students by assigning them to a junior or senior Link Leader as a mentor during their first year at Vanden High School. New students are invited to a powerful Orientation prior to the start of the school year.  Throughout the year these students will connect with their link leader to build social and academic connections through fun and exciting activities!

    Who are Link Leaders and what do they do?

    Link Leaders are responsible older students who were nominated and hand selected by our staff, and who serve as positive leaders on our campus.  Link Leaders also attend leadership training over the summer and continue this training every month in order to better serve their "crew."  Groups of 8-10 new students are assigned to 1 or 2 junior or senior Link leaders.  Link leaders go through 12 hours of training to prepare to be excellent mentors and leaders.  Link Leaders help to lead orientation before school starts in August.  Link Leaders provide ongoing support throughout the school year and lead monthly activities.

    How do I become a Link Crew Leader?

    • We are looking for up to 100 upcoming Juniors and Seniors!
    • We want students who show both traditional and nontraditional leadership
    • Not involved in everything
    • Strong communication skills
    • Willingness to lead others
    • Responsible enough to manage a group
    • Interested in helping others 
    • Positive Role Model
    • Dedicated
    • Self-Confident and Self-Directed
    • Has respect for diverse ideas and personalities
    • Enthusiastic