• Journal #1 The overnight stay at school


    Imagine that there was a terrible storm so you had to stay overnight at school. Create a narrative story about staying at school overnight during the storm.


    * a story with narrative components (roller coaster notes)

    * at least two characters

    * a descriptive setting

    * imagery (senses and vivid language)


    Journal #2: Dad's green hair 


    One day your father gets a really weird idea and dyes his hair green.  Knowing everyone would be looking at him and snickering and you will be with him, what will happen in this predicament? 


    *a story with narrative components (roller coaster notes) 

    *at least two characters 

    *imagery (senses and vivid language) 

    *use comical elements 

    *use some dialogue (you may use some colloquial/slang language) keep it appropriate 

    • Insert a laugh track 

    * Have fun!! 





    Journal #3 (part A) Chore Undone

    Have you ever forgotten to do or put off a chore? What was the chore? Over-exaggerate (Hyperbolize) the results of leaving the chore undone. Tell a story about a chore that was left undone.

    * create a story using narrative components

    * use dialogue wisely

    *use personification

    * use very specific details to hyperbolize your story






    Have Fun!