• Spelling and Vocabulary for Review Unit #2 (make sure you look at the new homework notes before you do this unit- see notes on Meaningful Sentences con't- Compound sentences) We went over this in class Monday 12/16.

    Tally marks for all seven words (FANBOYS) dived into how many sentences you have. 



    Spelling and Vocabulary Review Unit #2  9 MWs

    1. morose- gloomy; ill-tempered 
    2. expectant- eager; anticipative
    3. MW constitute- comprise; form; make-up
    4. covetous- envious; jealous
    5. miserable- distressed; broken-hearted; forlorn
    6. finagled- schemed; maneuvered
    7. legitimacy- authenticity; genuineness
    8. harass- trouble by repeated attacks; torment
    9. accommodate- help; comfort; oblige
    10. incurred- acquired; gained
    11. ensued- developed; resulted
    12. literal- verbatim; word for word
    13. anomalous- atypical; irregular; abnormal
    14. articulate- well-spoken; eloquent
    15. MW summarize- condense; synopsize
    16. reticent- silent; uncommunicative; restrained; taciturn
    17. MW identify- recognize; classify
    18. MW diagram- sketch; layout; chart
    19. implored- asked or begged earnestly
    20. MW  analyze- examine; study
    21. homage- respect; honor; worship
    22. convenient- ready; easy to use or do
    23. monotonous- humdrum; repetitious
    24. MW cite- quote; specify; refer
    25. contempt- scorn; shame; reproach
    26. MW inferred- formed an opinion that is probably true based on information you have
    27. foretell- predict; expect; forecast
    28. MW significant- important; noteworthy
    29. MW interpret- translate; explain
    30. forbearance- patience; self-control