• SPECIAL EDUCATION--Specialized Academic Instruction for individual students will be in line with their IEP.

    Resource Specialist Program (RSP)-In the Resource Specialist Program, students receive instruction or assistance from a specialist in a resource classroom.  When possible, assistance from a specialist or an instructional assistant is provided in their general education classes.  The primary goal of the Resource Specialist Program is to prepare and assist students in becoming mainstreamed and to offer support in their efforts to meet with continual success in the common core standards and general education classroom environment.

    Special Day Class (SDC)-Students whose needs cannot adequately be met in regular classes or the Resource Specialist Program receive the majority of their instruction in the Special Day Class.  Students will participate in the regular program for subjects such as Physical Education and electives.  This program provides each student with instruction tailored to his/her academic and social needs.  The primary goal of the Special Day Class is to provide a setting in which each student is assisted in developing his/her skills and abilities to the fullest.

    Mrs. Chavez
    Ms. Dean
    Mr. Hunley
    Ms. McLellan
    Mrs. Urmaza
    Mrs. Vasquez