Concert Choir: In chorus, you will learn how to read music using the Kodaly Solfege System while you prepare songs for performance.  Students will perform in community concerts, festivals and school events.

    Beginning Band: This is a beginning band class for students interested in learning trumpet, French horn, trombone, baritone, tuba, flute oboe, clarinet, or saxophone. Students will develop basic skills necessary to perform on a wind instrument.  Daily home practice is required. 

    Concert Band: This band is for students with one or more years of experience.  Students will be introduced to rhythm, tone production, articulation dynamics, and expression. Course will focus on the skills necessary for music reading.

    Symphonic Band: This auditioned band will perform advanced middle school band music.  Students will be introduced to rhythm, tone production, articulation, dynamics, and expression. The Symphonic Band will perform in community concerts, festivals and school events.

    Jazz Band-(Before School): Jazz Band members must enroll in an elective band class.  Students will explore the art of improvisation taught through various musical styles including swing, Latin/samba, rock, and funk.  Students will also learn about jazz articulation, section and ensemble playing and intonation.  Jazz Band is an auditioned group comprised of saxophones, trombones, trumpets, bass guitar, piano and drum set/aux percussion.

    **Performances are integral part of the learning process. Dates will be announced at the beginning of the school year. There are some school instruments available for student use.  Parents may also rent or buy an instrument.

    These courses are designed to provide students an opportunity to explore different electives. Students will have a quarter of Art, Conversational Spanish, Wood, Drama or InfoTech. Different combinations in the wheel will occur based on teacher availability. 

    • Art This course is an introductory course where students learn how to identify and organize the elements of Art in a creative way.  It is a hands-on class with daily activities and projects in which students explore drawing, painting and sculpture mediums.  Students will be provided with the materials to complete the curriculum. 
    • Woodshop Students will be introduced to basic hand tools and power hand tools, as well as stationary power tools.  Safety will be covered in depth.  Students will construct projects requiring the use of many tools, such as routers, drills, planer, drill press, jig saw, sanders, etc. Students will be provided with the material needed for the curriculum. Students have the option of paying for projects and materials that will be taken home.
    • Conversational Spanish In this course students will get a brief introduction to basic conversational Spanish. Students will learn basic phrases and vocabulary, study a Spanish speaking country and learn about the Hispanic world.
    • Information Technology This course teaches students the basics of computer literacy, from typing skills to document formatting. Students will learn how to navigate through and become competent in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, as well as web navigation. Students will complete projects to show what they have learned.
    • Drama (Possible Addition) This course designed to introduce students to the basic skills and disciplines of acting and performance.  Students will learn techniques related to scene work, monologues, improvisation, movement, blocking.  Throughout the quarter, students will apply what they learn by performing for others.

    APPLICATION REQUIRED ELECTIVES (Download Application Below)

    Robotics: The Golden West Middle School Robotics teams, the RoboStangs, build and program their own robots to complete a specific task each year. Each team must work together through all stages of the process, from concept designs to competition. Within each team, students will be assigned to particular duties (which can sometimes overlap): designer, builder, programmer, or driver.  If selected for the team, you will be notified and enrolled in the robotics elective. Robotics ALSO meets for an hour after school 2-3 times a week, therefore students and parents must arrange transportation (there is a late bus when robotics ends for bus riders). All parts, computers, and required materials will be provided to students.  

    Leadership: Leadership is a yearlong, activity-based course designed to develop skills in planning, implementing, and evaluating projects for the school and our community as a whole.  The goal of this class is to develop student leaders that positively represent the voices of the school, while selflessly serving the community, both on and off campus.  Students will learn techniques to develop skills and behaviors of good leadership, including: goal-setting, time management, communication skills, human relations, managerial skills, project management, evaluation, and self-awareness. These techniques will be studied and applied in a real world setting as students carryout the business of student government, while promoting a positive school environment for all students, through various school projects such as dances, spirit days, rallies, and fundraising events.