• The Travis Unified School District runs a 'fee based' school bus transportation service for Travis Unified Students from home to school of residence. Possession of a bus pass, valid for the current school year, entitles students to ride to and/or from their designated school and bus stop on an assigned bus.
    Bus passes will be issued to Travis Unified students and are non-transferable. All students boarding a school bus must present their bus pass to the bus driver every time they board a school bus. Per Board policy, students who reside within the ‘walking boundaries’ of the district are ineligible for bus transportation.
    How to Obtain a Bus Pass
    To get a bus bass, please visit Titan to either create an account, or to add bus service to your current acccount.  Titan is also used for school meals.
    Please set up your account and submit your application early and allow several weeks for processing due to the high volume of applications during the first month prior to the new school year.
    Bus passes will be given to your student directly by the bus driver.
    Bus Fees
    Please see the Bus Fee Schedule for bus pass prices. There are discounts for purchasing bus passes for two or more students in the same family at the same time.  You may choose round trip school transportation, or a one way with a morning or afternoon option. 
    How to Receive Free/Reduced Bus Passes
    1. Complete the Income Survey to be considered for free/reduced programming.
    2. Email amartinez@travisusd.org to check your eligibility status.
    3. Complete the Free/Reduced Bus Pass application.
    4. If you qualify for a FREE pass, please email your application to mpeacock@travisusd.org.
    5. If you qualify for a REDUCED pass, please bring completed application to the Transportation office with either a cashier’s check or money order. We do not accept cash, card, or personal checks.

    Note: Please do not attempt to purchase a reduced bus pass through Titan.  All free/reduced applications will be subject to eligibility check.

    Reduced Pass Rates:
    1st student: $54.00
    2nd student: $32.00
    3rd student: $11.00
    4th student + : Free

    Replacement Bus Passes
    Please report the loss or theft of bus passes to the Transportation Department immediately.  A lost, stolen, or mutilated bus pass must be replaced and a processing fee of $10 must be paid for each replacement pass.  While waiting for a requested replacement pass, the student must present a photo ID with a name on it that matches the driver's roster. 
    If you have questions about bus transportation, please call (707) 437-4604 Ext. 1232.
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