• Learn about Literature

    1.    genre- different forms of literature

    2.    prose- organized in sentences and paragraphs (fiction and nonfiction)

    3.    poetry- uses rhythms and is organized in lines called stanzas

    4.    novels- long works of fiction (uses characters, plot, setting, etc…)

    5.    novella- a shorter novel

    6.   short story- brief work that conveys a message about life using imaginary characters.


    7. Nonfiction- is literature about real-life events or the world of ideas. Nonfiction can inform, persuade, or entertain.


    8.  poetry- (continued from 3)-literature written in verse form. May have regular rhythms and rhymes.


    9. Drama- written in prose or poetry; tells a story through the words and actions of actors…includes dialogues and stage directions.


    10. Folk literature- including myths, folk tales, and legends- shaped by a group or culture over many years before being written down.

    “When the legend becomes the truth, print the legend”

    11. Anecdote- brief story about an interesting, amusing, or strange event.