• State Priority 1:  Basic Services and Conditions at Schools

    At the November 13, 2018 Board meeting, staff provided a summary of our performance in providing basic services: access to textbooks and instructional materials, adequate facilities, and appropriately assigned teachers. 

    Basic services were identified in the 2004 Williams Act, which outlined requirements in the three areas.  These areas are also reported in School Accountability Report Cards, available on our website under the Schools menu.

    A.  Access to curriculum-aligned instructional materials
    The Williams Act requires the district to hold an annual public hearing and adopt a resolution stating whether each student has sufficient textbooks or instructional materials in English language arts, math, science, and history-social science.  There are also requirements to provide lab equipment in high school science, plus health and world language books.  We measure our performance in this area through the required Williams Act process.

    Williams Act metric:  100% of students had the required materials, 0% of students lacked materials.

    B.  Condition of facilities
    The Office of Public School Construction provides the Facilities Inspection Tool (FIT) for evaluating the condition of school facilities.  The FIT is used to determine whether a facility is in good repair, which is defined as being clean, safe, and functional.  Each fall, staff from Maintenance & Operations walks through each school with a Facilities Inspection Tool (FIT) checklist to inspect the following:

    A.  Systems (gas leaks, mechanical and HVAC, sewer)
    B.  Interior (interior surfaces)
    C.  Cleanliness (overall cleanliness, pest and vermin infestation)
    D.  Electrical
    E.  Restrooms and fountains (restrooms, sinks, drinking fountains)
    F.  Safety (fire safety, hazardous materials)
    G.  Structural (structural damage, roofs)
    H.  External (playgrounds, school grounds, windows, doors, fences, gates)

    All schools were rated Good or Exemplary for 2019-20.  For details, please see the report linked above.

    C.  Correctly assigned teachers
    The Williams Act requires districts to report the number and percentage of misassignments of teachers of English learners, total teacher misassignments, and vacant teacher positions.  We had one teacher vacancy at the time of the Board report this year, but expect to fill it before the release of the Dashboard.