• Definition of Ode 


    A kind of poem devoted to the praise of a person, animal, or thing. An ode is usually written in an elevated style and often expresses a deep feeling of reverence (respect, worship). It is a literary technique that is lyrical in nature, but not very lengthy. 


    Use the guidelines when working on your odes: 

    1. Pick an ordinary place or thing 
    2. Give your subject praise or thanks. (Oh,                         !) 
    3. Speak directly to the object. 
    4. Use adjectives to describe it. 
    5. Use verbs to bring that object to life. (Personification) 
    6. Use repeated lines. 

    Tips for Ode Writing

    Choose a subject you have strong feelings about.

    Describe your subject inside and out.

    Exaggerate its admirable qualities, until it seems to become central to human existence.

    Tap all five senses--if they fit. (don't force it)

     Use metaphors and similes.

    At times, directly address the subject of your ode.

    Tell your feelings about the subject and describe its qualities.

    Choose strong words: language that's packed with meaning