• The Travis Unified School District Governing Board consists of five members who serve four-year terms. One member represents Trustee Area No. 1 (Travis Air Force Base) and must reside on the base. The other four members represent Trustee Area No. 2 (Travis USD area except for the base). Additionally, a student member, selected by his or her peers, represents the students of the district and votes in an advisory capacity.

    Board members are always interested in hearing from the community regarding an item of public interest within the Board's jurisdiction, and they may be reached at the phone numbers or email addresses listed below. For matters outside the Board's jurisdiction, you are encouraged to contact your local legislators. 
    Portrait of Russ Barrington
    Board Clerk
    Board President
    Trustee Area 2         
    (707) 330.7588  
     Ivery Hood - Board President
    Board Vice President
    Term: 2016-2020 
    Trustee Area 2
    (707) 446-3639
     Portrait of Janet Jackson Forbes
    Board Member
    Term: 2018-2022
    Trustee Area 2
     Picture of Adrian Saiz
    Board Member
    Term: 2018-2022 
    Trustee Area 1 
     Photo of Isaiah Christopher Carter
    Student Board Member 2019-2020 School Year
    Isaiah Christopher M. Carter, as elected by his/her peers