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    Phobia words and project- 40 points   due: May 16, 2019

    You will take one of these words and draw a picture that reflects the phobia. Identify the name of the phobia and what it means.  You may also create a collage representing your phobia with drawings, pictures clip art, etc…Consider creating your main paper in the shape of your phobia. For example: create the shape of an airplane for Aerophobia or the shape of a clown for Coulrophobia.  Be creative and turn in quality work.  These will be displayed on the wall. 

    very important make sure you cite your sources if you are using any other property besides your own. Ex: Google Images...include the entire URL. It can be on a separate piece of paper if you cannot fit it on the back of your project. 

    Mysophobia- fear of germs, bacteria 

    Ophidiophobia- fear of snakes 

    Phasmophobia- fear of ghosts 

    Alektorophobia- fear of chickens 

    Aerophobia- fear of flying 

    Claustrophobia- fear of small spaces; being confined 

    Coulrophobia- fear of clowns 

    Didasksleinophobia- fear of school 

    Dentophobia- fear of dentists 

    Glossophobia- fear of public speaking 

    Necrophobia- fear of death 

    Microphobia- fear of very small things 

    Musophobia- fear of mice 

    Ornithophobia- fear of birds 

    Nyctophobia- fear of the dark, of night 

    Pluviophobia- fear of rain or being rained on 

    Peladophobia- fear of bald people 

    Pogonoophobia- fear of beards 

    Siderophobia- fear of starts 

    Geliophobia- fear of knees 

    Insectophobia- fear of insects 

    Ichthyphobia- fear of fish 

    Myrmecophobia- fear of ants 

    Odontophobia- fear of teeth 

    Apiphobia- fear of bees 

    Bufonophobia- fear of toads 

    Dromophobia- fear of crossing streets 

    Koniophobia- fear of dust 

    Testophobia- fear of taking tests 

    Pyrophobia- fear of fire


    Make sure you use materials around the house.  Budget should be less $5.00 or less. Use your creativity and ingenuity:) Have fun!