• Dear Parents and Guardians,

    Saludos! My name is Mr. Lugo and I am happy to be your child’s Spanish teacher this year. I am looking forward to getting to know your child as he/she learns a great deal of Spanish in a short amount of time. Learning a second language can be a difficult task – especially for those who have never learned a foreign language before.  Nevertheless, I have high expectations for your child and I ask you to please encourage your child to begin working on his/her Spanish assignments immediately (today). 

    Learning Spanish is much easier if the student stays current on what we learn in class and then works to master those concepts before we learn new ones. There are some things – maybe even academic courses -- that can be put off for a while and then addressed with great vigor in a compressed amount of time and still turn out fine. However,  this approach will not work when one is learning a language because it is vital that your child masters each level before he/she can move on to the one that follows.

    Class time is very important, so I expect all students to be in class and ready to work each time we meet. If your child is absent for any reason – especially if it is for more than one day – please ask your child if he/she is struggling to keep up with Spanish. If so, please contact me as soon as possible so I can help.

    I will be coming to class on time, prepared and seeking to instruct and facilitate in a way that will help your child learn to speak Spanish in a motivating, encouraging and – as much as possible -- fun setting. I will provide a safe atmosphere that allows students to make mistakes without fear of judgment and will explain assignments so that my students have a good understanding of what is involved and when it is due. I will grade assignments in a timely manner (usually within one week) and will supply clear evaluations of student progress to both the students and to parents.

    Your child should expect a quiz over that day’s lesson the following day, so homework time should be used to master that day’s lesson. I will also assess how hard each student worked in class. So please stress the importance of being prepared for class and working in class each day to your child.

    I will expect that your child will show respect both to me and to all classmates at all times and will come to class on time, prepared to work and will complete all assignments to the best of his/her ability. I will also expect your child to work on Spanish daily, as learning a language takes daily practice and use if one is going to master it and be able to use it after classes have ceased. My goal is for your child not to have just taken or passed or made an A in a Spanish class, but to become someone who SPEAKS SPANISH. J

    Please encourage your children to talk in Spanish out loud, no matter how silly they might think they sound! Because they’re not going to learn to speak Spanish without actually – you guessed it -- speaking Spanish! I would also ask that, as best you can, you stay up to date on your child’s progress and contact me if they begin to struggle. If you would like to be involved in any other way please let me know.

    I’m looking forward to a great year with your child,

    Mr. Lugo                                             

    Email: jlugo@travisusd.org    Phone: 707-437-8240          

    Mr. Lugo’s classroom procedures and expectations for Spanish 1 (2017-2018)

    Contact: jlugo@travisusd.org or 707-434-8240

    Course Description: In Spanish 1 we will learn Spanish language: vocabulary, reading, writing and speaking. Although our class periods are shorter than those at Vanden High School, we are using the same textbook as Vanden and students who make an A and have the teacher’s recommendation will fulfill Vanden’s prerequisite requirement and be eligible to take Spanish 2 at the high school.

    Start of class: Students will be in their seats ready to work when the bell rings. Copy down daily Agenda in their planner and be ready to start on the Vamonos activity (usually a quiz over the previous day’s lesson) as soon as the bell rings.


    In line with Vanden High School’s World Languages Department policies:

    A basic grading scale will be used (As 90-100%, Bs 80-89%, Cs 70-79%, Ds 60-69%, Fs 0-59%).

    Students will receive points based on quality of work, effort and improvement. The final course grade will come from the following categories:

    • 30% Chapter Tests
    • 20% Quizzes
    • 20% Final Exam
    • 30% Assignments (classwork, projects, participation, skits, etc.)

    Points are designated for each assignment, with major and special (usually more time-intensive) projects carrying more weight. Vamonos / quizzes are usually worth 5 pts each, classwork is usually 5 pts each as is daily participation in class. Points earned are then divided by the total points possible for that assignment. All points possible will be added together and used to determine students’ grade percentage.

    Absences: If a student is absent:
    1. Check the planner of fellow classmate to see what was missed.

    1. See the binders located at the back of the class for any handouts, materials, etc.
    2. You may also email Mr. Lugo – especially if the absence is continuing and the student can start working on what was missed before returning to school.
    3. Students have two days for the first day absent to make up any work and one additional day per day absent.


    Retrieving graded work: All graded work will be placed in corresponding class bin. It is the student’s responsibility to collect any graded work. Work will be emptied out weekly. Graded tests will be reviewed in class, but will not be returned for the students to keep. If a student or parent wants to see a test later, they can make arrangements with Mr. Lugo.

    Media Policy: In order to enrich the class, a variety of film clips and whole feature films/documentaries will be shown periodically throughout the course of the year. District policy dictates that no rating other than “G-rated” is acceptable for use in the classroom unless outside permission is granted by parents/guardians.

    In lieu of sending out a permission slip for every instance of a film / film clip being shown that is rated PG or PG-13 (please keep in mind that strong teacher discretion is given to these instances), your signature on this paper grants permission for your student to view all clips/films/documentaries shown in Mr. Lugo’s class for the entire school year regardless of the individual rating, as Mr. Lugo will use professional discretion in the choosing of such media.                                                                               

    Please sign the parent letter sent home on the first days of class and have your student return the signed portion to me before Friday of the first week of class. Your student will receive a homework grade of 100% for returning this slip on time. Signing indicates that you have read, understood, and agree with all of the course requirements, rules and policies.