• Homework Routine 2019-2020
    The reading program is one SSR log per day M-F. Some get done in class when time allows. The packet of logs gets collected at the end of each quarter. There will be a check midquarter for a grade.
    The Spelling and Vocabulary Program is as follows:
    Monday to Thursday are Meaningful Sentences
    Monday to Thursday study for unit test on Friday
    If there is a four day week then the second day of the week starts the new assignment. 
    ex: Tuesday to Friday. 
    For Spelling and Vocabulary Review Unit 1,2,3, and 4:
    Do as many as you missed on the pretest given at the beginning of the week. Possible maximum amount is 30. Attach the pretest from the beginning of the week to the sentences for credit.
    It is all or nothing on the pretest, so anything you missed will be for homework sentences. This includes spelling and vocabulary (spelling and correct words count)
    ex: If you missed 11 on the pretest, you could have 11 Meaningful Sentences to do.
    If you got 3 right on the pretest, you would have 27 Meaningful Sentences to do. 
    Springboard-our new workbook will be class work and sometimes homework.
    Projects and other assignments will be added in occasionally but not routinely. 
    Note- they should always have an SSR book and composition book with them.  They will always have their Springboard workbook as well. 
    Weekly Spelling and Vocabulary Test are on Friday.  Make-ups are Wednesday the next week afterschool at 3:25.  Student must check with parents prior to the test or they may not stay. If your child cannot show up due to an appointment, please write a note and explain that you are okay with them being excused from the test.