GRADING:  Instruction is based on state standards.  Students start with an A in physical education.  Grades in Physical Education are based on participation, effort, cooperation, attendance, appropriate dress, rainy day class assignments, fitness tests, written and/or applied tests, notes, projects/reports, and homework for absences and/or as assigned. No extra credit is offered.

    PARTICIPATION:  Includes active participation in proper warm up and assigned activity and demonstrating general knowledge of skills, objectives, strategies, and rules taught in each standardized unit. 

    FITNESS:  Fitness is the focus and goal of every activity.  The expectation is that each activity will help develop and improve the five components of fitness:   cardiorespiratory endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and body composition (muscle to fat ratio).   Cardiorespiratory endurance is a significant portion of each grade.  Therefore, all students will be accountable and tested in the mile and half mile regularly.  A quarter mile test is optional as well as push-up tests based on state fitness standards. 

    PAR COURSE/STEEL CHALLENGE COURSE:  Students work on fitness components on the PAR/SCC course.  Please be advised:  The course is designed for users over 12 years of age.  Students under age 12 shall be prohibited from participating on the equipment.

    ABSENT/HOMEWORK:  When absent, it is the student’s responsibility to request, complete, and turn in make-up work.

    DRESS CODE:  Students are required to “dress out” or change clothes into a standard physical education uniform (see below).  Dressing out promotes active participation and protects regular school clothes from being torn/stained by grass and/or sweat. 

    For identification purposes, all clothing must have the student’s full last name visibly marked on the front. New uniforms are required for those who draw or write other than their own name on their uniform. 

    For purposes of warmth or denser coverage, undergarments may also be worn under Physical Education uniform.  Gloves, beanies, and uniform hoods may be worn during winter months at department discretion.  For sun protection, hats may be worn, during some units, according to school policy.  Sunglasses are prohibited without medical note.  No jewelry.


    SHIRT:  A solid white short sleeved t-shirt (no logos, buttons, zippers, collars, etc.) 

    SHORTS:  Red pull-on (no logos, pockets, zippers, etc.)

    SWEATS:  Sweatpants and sweatshirts must be red or gray (no logos, pockets, zippers, etc.)

    ATHLETIC SHOES:  Rubber soles and tied shoelaces.  NO SLIP ONS, SANDALS OR BOOTS.

    PARTIAL AND FULL NON-DRESSES will result in the loss of 5-10 points depending on dress item/s.  School clothes (non-uniform articles of clothing) worn under physical education uniform equals a non-dress and shall result in the loss of conduct points as well.  No double shorts.  Uniform shirt must be worn under uniform sweatshirt.  Students are prohibited from wearing other students’ uniforms.

    1st or 2nd full Non-Dress per quarter:  Phone or email notification, or notification sent home with the student.

    LOCKER INFORMATION:  Any unsafe or unauthorized use of locks will result in administrative action.  Students are prohibited from sharing assigned locker and/or telling others their lock information.  Lockers will not be reassigned.  Teachers will not open a locker assigned to a different student.  Students are to lock belongings/valuables in locker during Physical Education class.  Golden West is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.  Student/parent/guardian is responsible to pay $7.00 for lost/damaged lock assigned to that student.  Students are prohibited from marking lockers/locks, i.e., no writing or stickers, etc.  Students will also be responsible to clean lockers at the end of the school year or upon disenrollment.

    TARDIES:  School tardy policy applies (see Golden West student planner).  Additionally, students will be charged a second tardy for being late to roll call.  Each tardy to roll call will result in loss of points. 

    PARENTAL/GUARDIAN AND MEDICAL EXCUSES FROM PHYSICAL PARTICIPATION:  Students with a parent’s or doctor’s excuse note will be accordingly excused from physical participation, but are still accountable for dressing out.  Additionally, students excused from physical participation will be assigned a replacement task, typically a 150 word research report pertinent to physical education or to their injury/illness.  Reports are 10 points and take the place of physical participation. 

    A parent’s/guardian’s excuse note is valid for up to three (3) days.  For any excuse longer than three days, a doctor’s note is required to be provided to the GWMS nurse.  Parents/guardians may NOT excuse their student from physical activity for menstruation reasons.  Asthma and allergy notes, including for bee stings, are to be given to the school nurse at the start of the school year. 

    Inhalers may be kept on a daily basis with the student/teacher provided a parent/guardian completes and returns the proper form available from the school nurse.  Epi pens are to be provided by the parent/guardian to the Physical Education teacher.


    NO CELL PHONE OR CAMERA USE in the locker rooms

    CONDUCT:  Respectfully listen without disruption and follow directions/instructions; cooperate with teammates/teachers.

    NO FRAGRANCED SPRAYS, PERFUMES, COLOGNES, LOTIONS or any other fragranced products.  (Note:   Fragrances are a known trigger for asthma as well as allergic reactions due to sensitivity to fragrances.)

    Wear or bring to class appropriate materials:  uniforms or, when necessary to take notes or write a report, paper and pen(cil).

    Golden West is a “no gum school”.  For safety purposes, gum is prohibited in Physical Education.

    • 1st offense:  loss of 5 points
    • 2nd offense:  loss of 5 points and parental notification
    • 3rd offense:  loss of 5 points and administrative action

    No glass, food, or beverages in the locker room or during class.

    Parents/guardians are financially responsible for any damage to school property or equipment due to inappropriate behavior.

    Unnecessary/excessive noise and/or throwing of objects in the locker room is prohibited.