• Spelling and Vocabulary Review Unit #4 


    Attention: Sentences will now be worth 25 points. 20 points for the sentences and 5 points for the labeling of the sentences. Each sentence will be compound/complex. They will be assigned on Monday and due Thursday. Each unit will have a key card attached to the sentences. I handed these out in class for the rest of the units. Look at notes on Meaningful Sentences and conjunctions for more support.

    Title:  Meaningful Compound/ Complex Sentences Review Unit #4

    1. relinquish- quit; resign 

    1. repudiate- refuse to accept; reject 

    1. admonition- warning; caution 

    1. omnipotent- all powerful; supreme 

    1. unendurable- unbearable; intolerable 

    1. ominous- doomed; hopeless 

    1. audible- loud enough to be heard clearly 

    1. introspection- examination of own thoughts and feelings 

    1. MW synopsize- summarize; condense 

    1. MW editorial- commentary; opinion 

    1. MW protagonist- hero; someone to root for 

    1. conjecture- guess; speculation 

    1. MW omniscient- all knowing 

    1. behoove- to your advantage; your best interest 

    1. MW thesis- main point or idea of essay 

    1. MW correlation- relationship between two or more things 

    1. segue- smooth transition; proceed to follow without pause 

    1. meticulous- extremely careful about details; finicky 

    1. MW survey- to examine; to scrutinize 

    1. palpable- obvious; unmistakable; tangible 

    1. assuage- alleviate; relieve 

    1. wheedle- coax; plead; cajole 

    1. eager- ardent; enthusiastic; fervent 

    1. hone- sharpen; polish 

    1. MW antagonist- rival; adversary; enemy 

    1. MW antecedent- predecessor; comes before 

    1. rapport- agreement; harmony 

    1. beguiling- tricking or misleading 

    2.  absurd- preposterous; inane 

    1. MW component- partial; constituent; part