Date: May 9,2019


    Due date: TBA


    Cynthia Stout Poem

    (Part A) Have you ever forgotten to do or put off doing a chore? What was the chore? Exaggerate (Hyperbolize) the results of leaving the chore undone. List as many details as you can about the results or effects of not doing the chore.


    Try to find words that rhyme with some of those details, results, and effects. *use your study guides for creative vocabulary


    (Part B) Then using the poem “Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout Would Not Take the Garbage Out” as a model, write your own poem, using your name, about what chore you would not do and about what the effects were of not doing that chore. *Use your first name and any middle and last name you want. Your title and your first couplet will be the same.

    teacher example:
    Rhonda Marie Consuela Vishes
    Simply would not do the dishes 


    Your poem must be at least fifteen lines but must be all your story components

    Then, revise it on nice paper and illustrate the poem. Have fun and be creative☺

    *Type it using MLA format

    *Cite anything borrowed


    Include all narrative components






    Some reminders:
    rough draft will have each line numbered and the syllables at the end of each end rhyme. There will also be an illustration blueprint on the rough draft. Handwritten is fine for rough draft only
    Final draft- is typed with every five lines numbered. No syllables at the end of the end rhymes.  Each page will have a colorful illustration and one page (if it is more than one) will have a main illustration-color and detail. 
    Composition notebook will be collected for Part A-narrative story
    Oral Presentation- Each student who turns in a completed poem, will do an oral presentation based on the language devices we learned in class.
    for example: tone, pitch, rate, volume, inflection and beat and meter