• Writing a Narrative


    A successful narrative contains:

    ·       Recreates an experience; real or imagined

    ·       Tell a story about an event or experience (usually in the 1st person)

    ·       Sense of time, place and well-developed plot

    ·       Organize the story to have a beginning, a middle, and an end (see story components notes)

    ·       Include a conflict (sometimes given to you through a writing prompt), climax, and resolution

    ·       Purposeful sequence

    ·       Characters grow, change, discover

    ·       Has a turning point near the climax

    ·       Use details to help the reader imagine the event or the experience

    ·       Uses dialogue- limited use (not too much)

    ·       Get the reader hooked with the first line.

    ·     Use correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, and capitalization


    Narrative checklist


    Did you:

    ·       Figure out where/ how your story really begins?

    ·       Open with a real lead that makes your reader want to keep reading?

    ·       Center your story around a conflict, problem, or question?

    ·       Figure out how you will resolve the conflict, solve the problem or answer the question? (HINT: you do not HAVE to have a HAPPY ending- but you do need to tie up the loose ends!)

    ·       Let your reader know when and where your story takes place?

    ·       Make your characters seem real, not like cardboard cutouts without feelings or thoughts?

    ·       Give your characters interesting things to say? Use dialogue wisely?

    ·       Show your characters doing things that reveal what they are like?

    ·       Tell things in an order that makes sense and keeps the reader wanting to find out what happens next?

    ·       Skip over (or leave out) little boring details that do not matter?

    ·       Tell the reader everything he/she needs to know to get the point of your story?

    ·       End your story in a good spot (showing how everything came out, but not going on too long)?


    Tips to think about:

    ·       Do you have a good plot?

    ·       Could someone turn your story into a movie?

    ·       Are your characters like live people?

    ·       Do they show their feelings?

    ·       Would you read the story if someone else wrote it?