Notes on Summaries (SSR)

    Guidelines for an SSR Novel:
    1.  It must be fiction
    2.  It must be a book that is new to you.  You can't have read any of it before.
    3. It should not be a book where you already saw a movie based on the story.
    4.  Remember to switch your genres
    5. Only two back to back in a series. Then you must switch your genre.
    6. It needs to be your reading comprehension level



    Notes on Summaries (SSR)


    1.  What did I read/ learn in 20 minutes

                a. Who are the characters? (major and minor) (what person is it? 1st, 3rd?)

                b. Where does the story take place? (setting)
                    ex: school, San Francisco, Alcatraz Island, Italy, restaurant, room,etc...
                c. When does the story take place?(past, present or modern, future)
                    ex: medieval, 1940s, summer, modern time
                d. What happened/ plot of story?
                e.  Write about what you read/ learned in 20 minutes including any changes to the above
    a-d is for the beginning entry
    d&e are continued entries
    Write The End when done with the book in the page number section. (after the final page number)
        Ex: 280-302 (The End)
    Teacher example:
    Title: Al Capone Does My Shirts
    Author: Gennifer Choldenko    Total Pages in the Book: 212
    Publisher: Scholastic/ Putnam     Copyright Date: 2004
    Date: 8/28/12    Read Page 3 to Page 6
    1. Brief Summary: The narrator (1st person) of the story is Matthew "Moose" Flanagan. He has a sister named Natalie that needs to go to a special school. It takes place in San Francisco at Alcatraz Island, where criminals are prisoners. This takes place in 1935. It begins on January 4th. Moose is the son of a prison electrician and lives on the island with other kids.

    Notes on SSR Summaries Continued for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th quarter


     Include the genre in the bibliography section ex: mystery-fiction (type of literature)

    2A- Make a prediction- Give me one-two sentences on what will happen next by using the clues in your reading.  Tell me why- Give me two or more sentences for an explanation. In your explanation, you must provide textual evidence to reinforce your prediction.  Fill out your summary and then make a prediction/explanation. Two entries (brief summary and prediction- P/explanation- E) = one log.

    Don't forget P.E.T.E. for every entry

    P-Prediction on what is going to happen next

    E-explanation on why this will logically happen

    TE-textual evidence. Use quotes to cite the evidence verbatim. "..." and include page number/s


    2B- If you are done with your book, write a personal critique about what you thought of the book.  Tell me why you recommend this book or why not.  Back it up with personal opinion. Make sure you do not summarize your story.

    Please include:

    -         What you liked about the characters or what you did not like.  Why/why not

    -         Setting- what you liked/ did not like. Why/Why not

    - plot (formulaic or original) - what you liked/ did not like. Why/why not

    -         A highlight/favorite part from the story. Why?  What about this did you enjoy?

    -      Include an important quote/excerpt from the story to highlight your favorite part. Remember your quote doesn’t have to be dialogue, but rather textual evidence.

    -         Something to change if you were the writer or something to improve on. Tell me why

    -         Who would you recommend this book to? Why. Include age, gender, and interests. EX: a 13-16 year old boy who enjoys espionage/spy novels

    -        what is your connection to this book? How do you connect/relate?

    -         Give the book a rating from 1-10. 10 being the highest mark- Tell me why.


    Each topic is roughly one paragraph- can be more but never less.



    Personal critiques are to go on separate paper all together at the end of your log packet.  It should be at least a page long for credit.  Make sure you include the title and author of your book. Type it following the word processing notes. At least one personal critique needs to be on every packet. Each book you complete on your packet must have a personal critique.

    Your personal critique takes place of your final prediction/explanation log.  Write “see personal critique” in the prediction/ explanation space.


    typing requirements: MLA format

    12 font size

    New Times Roman

    Double spaced

    1" margins all around


    The Backstory/bridge from previous packet.


    Write a summary from the first page to the last page you left from the previous packet. Leave the important details and summarize what has happened so far in your novel.  This “bridges” or provides a backstory from the previous packet to the current one.  Be sure to include details like characters, setting, time and important plot. You may type it following the word processing notes. This goes after the cover sheet in the packet.

    Table of Contents:
    Continuation pages #1-4
    Remaining Logs #5-TBA
    Personal Critique/s