• Welcome to 4th Grade!


                         Mrs. Mallorie Skog                       










    437-4691  Please leave a message with the office staff to ensure that I receive it.



    Feel free to schedule an appointment with me.


    -Student Planner

    Students will write their homework down daily.  Any weekly projects or important events coming up will also be recorded. 





    -Class Dojo

    Positive behavior incentive program in the classroom as well as a GREAT way to get your questions answered by the teacher!  Starting to be used school-wide/district-wide.  Join our online class with your code to see live updates on your child's school behavior: www.classdojo.com


    -Homework Folders

    Students will bring their homework home and return it to school in this one folder, daily. 


    -Thursday Folders

    On Thursdays, students will receive a large envelope full of graded homework, tests/quizzes, and classwork to take home.  Please encourage your child to take out their awesome work to show you at home, and return the folder on Friday.







    -Daily Homework

    Students will write down their homework assignments in their Student Planners.  Students are assigned homework Monday through Thursday.  There will be certain projects that will require longer time frames for completion over the weekends.  4th Grade students are expected to complete about 45 minutes of homework per evening.  


    Please understand that homework is meant to be independent practice with minimal assistance.  Some students will be able to complete work quickly and some will not.  I think it is wonderful if you check your child’s work and help them to understand what they are doing.  However, if they have had a difficult time with a particular assignment, please let me know!  Writing a note on the assignment, email, or sending a Dojo message- all work great!  I do not expect your child to work for two hours on an assignment that is too difficult for them.  I do not consider that beneficial.  I will do my best to accommodate students based on their individual needs.


    -Reading for 30 minutes will also be assigned each night, Monday - Thursday.  Please encourage your child to read over the weekend as well. :)


    Clipboards will be available for students to complete their incomplete work.


    I expect every student to complete their assignments!  There will be certain privileges available to those students that "do what they need to do."  Fun Friday, Player of the Day, Dojo Points, etc.



    Students will often be completing weekly projects.  Most will be assigned on Monday and be due the following Monday.  Some projects may have longer deadlines.  These projects are meant to be fun and provide an opportunity for your student to be as creative as possible.



    Class work:

    If class work is not completed it then becomes HW.  I give plenty of time for students to finish assignments during class.  This is incentive to be on task.  If your child has more HW than usual, they probably need to be using their class time more wisely.




    The grades are A, B, C, or “N” (interventions offered and needs improvement).  Grades will be based on percentages and/or rubrics depending on the assignment.  You will receive a detailed list of assignments and grades during Progress Report and Report Card time.









    Behavior Standards:

    Your child is expected to be





    Our school takes bullying VERY seriously and it is not tolerated in my class.

    We will create "OUR" own classroom rules the first day of school and the students will help create their consequences as well.


    Here are some examples of rewards/consequences your child can expect to experience this year-



    If students choose to make GOOD choices with their words and actions:

    -Pride in themselves

    -Dojo PointsàReward Coupons

    -Treasure Box

    -“Good” notes/calls home

    -Free Homework Passes

    -Group treats

    -Lunch Bunch

    -Class parties

    -And Much, Much More! :)



    If students choose to NOT speak or act appropriately:


    -Lose recess

    -Sent to another classroom/office for reset

    -Lunch detention

    -Parent contact




    Your child may bring in treats (the healthier the better:) to share with the class, but we do not have birthday parties.  If your child is passing out invitations to an event, it should be done after school.



    Arrival and Dismissal:

    School starts at 8:15am and school ends at 2:41pm, except on Wednesdays when students are dismissed a 1:05pm.  Students may start arriving for breakfast in the multipurpose room at 8am, but they are not allowed on the blacktop until 8:15am.  Morning Routine (announcements, daily exercises, & flag salute) begins at 8:15am.  Parents are welcome to observe around the blacktop.


    Your child is technically late one minute after the school bell rings.  I realize that there will be days your child is later for various reasons.  However, if this has been a habit in the past, please realize that the class is interrupted every time a student is late.  Directions need to be repeated, and a form needs to be filled out.  The morning begins much smoother when everyone is on time.




    Water, Recess & Healthy Snacks: 

    In the upper grades we have 1 morning recess and it is 10 minutes.  At recess, I encourage students to go to the restroom, eat their snack, and then "go play."  I will allow a Snack Time in class due to this brief recess break.  Students may eat a snack in class as long as their snack is Healthy and Not Messy.  Students may bring a water bottle to class but water is the only beverage to be enjoyed during class. 



    Teacher Rewards:

    Please help us earn points and BOOKS for our classroom!



    Online Book Orders

    Class Activation Code: M9M2L              

    book order




    Classroom volunteers would be greatly appreciated.  Please make sure to sign up and indicate what you would like to do to contribute: classroom work, reading groups, making copies, take home projects, fieldtrip chaperone, etc.



    Looking forward to a fantastic year,






    Mrs. Skog