•  Attention: Sentences will now be worth 25 points. 20 points for the sentences and 5 points for the labeling of the sentences. Each sentence will be compound/complex. They will be assigned on Monday and due Thursday. Each unit will have a key card attached to the sentences. Look for new key under Notes on Meaningful Sentences link. Look at notes on Meaningful Sentences and conjunctions for more support.

    Title: 20 Meaningful Compound/ Complex Sentences #

    Spelling and Vocabulary for Unit #23 

        1.  hone- sharpen; polish

        2.  obscuration- blocking

    3.   MW function- duty; to perform

    4.     despondent- depressed; gloomy; morose

    5.     distraught- troubled; distressed; worried

    6.     apprehensive- uncertain; nervous; trepidatious

    7.     eager- ardent; enthusiastic; fervent

    8.     tunic- A long shirt covering the hips

    9.     unison- at the same time; in sync

    10. rituals- ceremonies; rites

    11. wheedle- coax; plead; cajole

    12. nurturers- people that support an upbringing or training

    13. supplementary-  additional; extra

    14. release- liberate; set free

    15.  MW survey- to examine; to scrutinize

    16.  MW coherent- consistent; compatible; rational; articulate

    17. transgression- breaking a law; violating a rule

    18. palpable- obvious; unmistakable; tangible

    19.  MW component- partial; constituent; part

    20.  MW transfer- carry; transport