• Attention:  Each sentence will be compound/complex.  Look at notes on Meaningful Sentences and conjunctions for more support. Due to the situation we are in, it will be only one point for labeling like past units instead of 5 points.  To receive full credit, make sure you label as well as the sentence.

    Title: 20 Meaningful Compound/ Complex Sentences #

    Spelling and Vocabulary for Unit #25 


    1.  exemption- release; freedom

    2.  scrupulously- thoroughly; meticulously

    3.  indolence- inactivity; lethargy

    4.  conspicuous- obvious; noticeable

    5.  benign- good; caring and compassionate

    6.  exasperated- frustrated; infuriated

    7.  reverie- dreamy thoughts

    8. MW crescendo- buildup; climax

    9. deftly- skillfully; dexterously

    10. contrition- remorse; repentance

    11. contemplate- consider; ponder; mull

    12. invariably- habitually; consistently

    13. omnipotent- all powerful; supreme

    14. MW omniscient- all knowing

    15. exhilarating- elating; thrilling

    16. optimistic- positive; hopeful

    17.  pessimistic- negative; cynical; hopeless

    18.  integrity- honest; virtue; morality

    19. MW integral- complete; essential

    20. relinquish- quit; resign