• Attention: Sentences will now be worth 25 points. 20 points for the sentences and 5 points for the labeling of the sentences. Each sentence will be compound/complex. They will be assigned on Monday and due Thursday. Each unit will have a key card attached to the sentences. I handed these out in class for the rest of the units. Look at notes on Meaningful Sentences and conjunctions for more support.

    Title: 20 Meaningful Compound/ Complex Sentences #

    Spelling and Vocabulary for Unit #26
    1.     Stench- foul smell; awful odor

    2.     Isolation-  solitude; loneliness

    3.     Transmitting- to pass from one source to the other; transference

    4.     Unendurable- unbearable; intolerable

    5.     MW Perceived-  attained awareness or understanding

    6.     Irrationally- illogically; senselessly

    7.     Fretful- agitation; worry

    8.     Assuage- alleviate; relieve

    9.     Consciousness- awareness; knowledge

    10. Hueless- no color

    11. Ruefully- contritely; pathetically

    12. Admonition- warning; caution

    13. Ominous- doomed; hopeless

    14. Tentatively- cautiously; discreetly

    15. Lethargy- laziness; inactivity; indolence

    16. Dexterously- cleverly; expertly; deftly

    17. Elating- inspiring; thrilling; exhilarating

    18. Genetic- inherited; hereditary

    19. MW Inaccurate- incorrect; untrue

    20. Forbidden- banned; prohibited