Make sure you look at the new homework notes before you do this unit- see notes on Meaningful Sentences con't and notes on subordinating conjunctions, coordinating conjunctions and compound/ complex sentences. These will all be compound/complex sentences. Don't forget to circle the subordinating conjunction and box the coordinating conjunction.



    Spelling and Vocabulary for Unit #22


    1.     bribery- The giving or offering of money to get something

    2.     impunity- exemption; immunity; absolution

    3.     ordinary- according to habit or custom

    4.     conjecture- guess; speculation

    5.     stipulation- provision; statement making a condition

    6.     MW essential- critical; important; necessary

    7.     incumbent- currently holding an office or position

    8.     behoove- to your advantage; your best interest

    9.     retribution- pay back; vengeance; restitution; retaliation

    10. advice- recommendation; suggestion on what should be done

    11. advise- give recommendations or suggestions

    12. proceed- go on after an interruption; continue

    13. definitely- certainly; unquestionably

    14. extremely- notably; remarkably

    15. identity- being oneself or itself, and not another

    16.  MW thesis- main point or idea of essay

    17.  MW correlation- relationship between two or more things

    18. segue- smooth transition; proceed to follow without pause

    19. adolescence- growth from childhood to adulthood

    20. meticulous- extremely careful about details; finicky