Spelling and Vocabulary for  Review Unit #3- Papa Beast


    1. euphoric- dreamy; enchanted; heavenly

    2. MW onomatopoeia- a word whose sound makes you think of its meaning

    3. MW evidence- confirmation; data; indication

    4. MW idiom- words that may be different from their literal meaning.

    5. bias- prejudice; favoritism; preference

    6. adherent- a faithful supporter or follower

    7. defer- put off until later; delay; postpone

    8. ponder- consider carefully; think over; mull

    9. interjection- exclamation; outburst

    10. camaraderie- friendship

    11. euphemism- an inoffensive expression that is substituted for one that is considered offensive.

    12. refrain- regularly repeated line in a poem or song

    13. contradict- say the opposite to; oppose

    14. reticent- silent; uncommunicative; restrained; taciturn

    15. MW claim- allegation; assertion; call

    16. MW irony- the use of words to express something different from and often opposite to their literal meaning

    17. MW antonym- a word that means the opposite of another

    18. lest- for fear that

    19. beleaguered- annoyed; harassed; besieged

    20. MW convey- pass on; communicate; get message across

    21. anomalous- atypical; irregular; abnormal

    22. MW paraphrase- to put something in your own words

    23. MW inferred- formed an opinion that is probably true based on information you have

    24. MW specific- particular; distinct; precise

    25. opinion- belief; notion; conviction

    26. MW excerpt- piece; portion; fragment; selection

    27. MW emphasis- stress; importance

    28. mayhem- commotion; pandemonium; disturbance

    29. MW metaphor- one thing conceived as representing another; a symbol

    30. MW hyperbole- an over exaggeration