Please do not begin working on this until you are approved by me.  Sign-ups are 3/15. I will announce who is approved on Friday. Make sure you pick someone that you can THOROUGHLY research all avenues of the person's life. Make sure you can provide credible sources as well.




                                                                                                    Due Date:  April 16, 2018


    Author/ Poet Research Report 


    This assignment is your semester project. Your total points are 150.  Present on poster board 


    Part 0ne- Biography 60 points about 2-3 pages- typed in MLA format 

    Who your person is:   

    1. Give a synopsis of this person’s background.  

    A.      Include date of birth,  

    B.       place of birth,  

    C.       his/her family,  

    D.      his/her childhood including hardships. 

    E.       Plus other special details that are relevant to this person’s background 



    1.       When did this person have an impact in our history? 

    A.* What was going on in our world at that time? 



    1.        Where did this person accomplish the majority of his/her tasks and triumphs? 

    A.      could be multiple places to include 


    What did he /she accomplish:  

    1.        Include a list of this person’s works. (poems or novels)  Must have at least three different works. 


    What happened as a result of his/her contribution?  

    1. Include the impact that this person had on society (if they didn’t exist, how would our world be different?) 
    1. Include any controversies in regards to person/writing/ beliefs 


    How do you connect with this author/poet? 

    1. Why did you choose him 
    1. How do you relate to his/her writing  


    Don’t forget in text citation in Biography- author last name, page #, book title 


    Part Two: 40 points 



    You must include a timeline of all important events in the person’s life.  At least 10 events with illustrations and details.  You must explain each date you are listing.  Use pictures depicting each event. If you go over 10 events, supply a picture for each additional one. It is essential to use color and detail.  You may use photos, scrapbook, magazine cutouts, symbols, illustrations, google images as well. Don't forget citations. 







    Part Three: 10 points 



    You must have at least three references for your report.  

     One will be an internet source.  

     You may use an encyclopedia CD-ROM for a reference. 


    Examples of seventh grade bibliographies 

    Note- anything you take from a source, you must credit or it is plagiarism. 





    One author: 

    Author (last name, first). Title (underlined). City where the book is published:  

    Publisher, copyright date. 

    Carter, Alden R. American Revolution. New York: Franklin Watts, 1992. 


    Two authors: 

    Author 1 (last name, first) and(use the word and) Author 2 (last name, first).  

    (Follow the one author example) 

    Aylesworth, Thomas G. and Virginia L. Aylesworth. Upper Atlantic. New York:  

    Chelsea, 1995. 



    Print Encyclopedia with No Author: 

    "Article title (in quotation marks)." (Follow the print encyclopedia author example) 


    "Rhode Island." Collier's Encyclopedia.1999.  


    Encyclopedias: Print, CD-ROM, or Online: 

    Print Encyclopedia with Author: 

    Author of article (last name, first). "Article Title (in quotation marks)." Title of the  

    Encyclopedia (underlined). copyright date. 

    Martin, James Kirby. "Revolutionary War in America." World Book Encyclopedia.  



    Internet: (no Wikipedia. May use as a starting off point- look at links, but do not cite) 

    make sure you do a “three fact check” 

    Author:  Last name, First name. "Article Title." Website Title. Publisher of Website, Day Month Year article was published. Web. Day Month Year article was accessed. <URL>. 


    Example: Cain, Kevin. "The Negative Effects of Facebook on Communication." Social Media Today RSS N.p., 29 June 2012. Web. 02 Jan. 2013. 


    Part 4: 40 points 

    Board presentation layout (see attached sheet) 

    *Must be theme related to author and subject. Use color and detail. 


    See attachment