•  Make sure you look at the new homework notes before you do this unit- see notes on Meaningful Sentences con't and notes on subordinating conjunctions. These will all be complex sentences. Don't forget to circle the subordinating conjunction and label each clause with an IC/Dc. Use two different colors and provide a key.


    Spelling and Vocabulary for Unit #20

    1.    contradict- say the opposite to; oppose

    2.     lest- for fear that

    3.     adherent- a faithful supporter or follower

    4.     MW administrate- manage;  govern;  take over

    5.     adverse- hostile; antipathetic

    6.     morale- spirit; confidence; enthusiasm

    7.     moral- a lesson; an inner meaning; a virtue

    8.     conglomerate- montage; hodgepodge; collection

    9.     dichotomy- a classification into two opposed parts or subclasses

    10.  circumstance- situation; happening

    11.  proportion- size; ratio; dimension

    12.  MW emphasis- stress; importance

    13. searing- burning; charring

    14. pummeled- hit with repeated blows

    15. tolerable- endurable; bearable

    16. MW protagonist- hero; someone to root for

    17.  discretion- good judgment

    18. mesmerize- hypnotize; put in a trance

    19. retaliate- pay back for wrong; get even

    20. MW antagonist- rival; adversary; enemy