•  Make sure you look at the new homework notes before you do this unit- see notes on Meaningful Sentences con't and notes on subordinating conjunctions. These will all be complex sentences. Don't forget to circle the subordinating conjunction.


    Spelling and Vocabulary for Unit #20

    1.    contradict- say the opposite to; oppose

    2.     lest- for fear that

    3.     adherent- a faithful supporter or follower

    4.     MW administrate- manage;  govern;  take over

    5.     adverse- hostile; antipathetic

    6.     morale- spirit; confidence; enthusiasm

    7.     moral- a lesson; an inner meaning; a virtue

    8.     conglomerate- montage; hodgepodge; collection

    9.     dichotomy- a classification into two opposed parts or subclasses

    10.  circumstance- situation; happening

    11.  proportion- size; ratio; dimension

    12.  MW emphasis- stress; importance

    13. searing- burning; charring

    14. pummeled- hit with repeated blows

    15. tolerable- endurable; bearable

    16. MW protagonist- hero; someone to root for

    17.  discretion- good judgment

    18. mesmerize- hypnotize; put in a trance

    19. retaliate- pay back for wrong; get even

    20. MW antagonist- rival; adversary; enemy