•  Make sure you look at the new homework notes before you do this unit- see notes on Meaningful Sentences con't and notes on subordinating conjunctions. These will all be complex sentences. Don't forget to circle the subordinating conjunction.


    Spelling and Vocabulary for Unit #19- The Beast Part 2


    1.  MW irony- The use of words to express something different from and often opposite to their literal meaning.

    2.  euphemism- an inoffensive expression that is substituted for one that is considered offensive

    3.  MW hyperbole- an over exaggeration

    4.  MW rhyme-  a word that corresponds with another in the same sound

    5.  beat- tempo; rhythm

    6.  meter- measuring device in poetry

    7.  montage- conglomerate; hodgepodge

    8.  sonnet- a fourteen-line lyric poem with a single theme

    9.  limerick- humorous, rhyming five-line poem

    10. MW prose- ordinary form of written language

    11. haiku- three-line Japanese verse form

    12.  couplet-two consecutive lines of verse with end rhymes.

    13. refrain- regularly repeated line in a poem or song

    14. camaraderie- friendship

    15. MW homophone- words that are alike but are spelled differently and have different meanings.

    16.  MW antonym- a word that means the opposite of another

    17. MW synonym- different words that mean the same thing

    18. MW assonance- The repeating of the beginning vowel sounds

    19.  perpendicular- at a ninety degree angle

    20. interjection- exclamation; outburst