Make sure you look at the new homework notes before you do this unit- see notes on Meaningful Sentences con't and notes on subordinating conjunctions. These will all be complex sentences. Don't forget to circle the subordinating conjunction.

    Spelling and Vocabulary for Unit #18- The Beast Part 1


    1.  MW metaphor- One thing conceived as representing another; a symbol

    2. MW simile- A figure of speech that expresses a resemblance between things of different kinds (usually formed with like or as)

    3.  MW onomatopoeia- a word whose sound makes you think of its meaning

    4.  MW personification- inhuman objects taking human characteristics

    5.  MW alliteration-The repeating of the beginning consonant sounds

    6.  MW stanza- division in a poem named for the number of lines it contains

    7.  MW rhythm- beat; tempo

    8.  MW idiom- words that may be different from their literal meaning

    9.  conspiring- combining; working together

    10. deteriorated- became worse

    11. provisional- temporary; depending on future events

    12. bias- prejudice; favoritism; preference

    13. retrospect- hindsight; recollection

    14. scour-to clean by rubbing vigorously

    15. candy- to coat with sugar (verb)

    16. rinds- tough outer layers of skins

    17. withered-dried up

    18. curdled-thickened; clotted

    19. rancid-spoiled; bad-smelling

    20. relate- tell